Faith and Deities

The Light

The light of faith is far more mysterious than are the Old Gods that ruled the world several millenia ago. The transcendent Aeons never established any sort of code or commandments after the fall the Demiurge. Thus, religious practices tend to vary across cultures.

The true nature of light is to bring order. Light detests chaos, and its source: the abyss. The mission of the Aeons is to bring total order to all realms, to make things as they are in the eternal realm of light. Mankind was blessed by the Aeons to utilize light in order to combat chaos. Without this blessing, humanity would have perished shortly after the death of the Demiurge.

The High Order was based upon the values of the eternal realm of light. It’s mission was to bring perfect order to the physical realm. Many throughout history Dedicated their lives to this crusade, the blessed who fought in the name of the light have always been necessary for the survival of mankind.

Faith and Deities

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