“Before the consummation of the age, the whole place will shake with great thundering. Then the rulers will be sad, […] their death. The angels will mourn for their mankind, and the demons will weep over their seasons, and their mankind will wail and scream at their death. Then the age will begin, and they will be disturbed. Their kings will be intoxicated with the fiery sword, and they will wage war against one another, so that the earth is intoxicated with bloodshed. And the seas will be disturbed by those wars. Then the sun will become dark, and the moon will cause its light to cease. The stars of the sky will cancel their circuits. And a great clap of thunder will come out of a great force that is above all the forces of chaos, where the firmament of the woman is situated. Having created the first product, she will put away the wise fire of intelligence and clothe herself with witless wrath. Then she will pursue the gods of chaos, whom she created along with the prime parent. She will cast them down into the abyss. They will be obliterated because of their wickedness.”

- Excerpt from The Nag Hammadi Library
On the Origin of the World

True, the Prime Parent was an imperious ruler. Humanity despised and destroyed him, just as you had willed. But tell me, oh ‘infinite wisdom’: were we mistaken in our actions? Mistaken in obeying this ‘wisdom’? This planet now cries out for it’s ruler. We possess no power over the immense forces of chaos that now swallow the planet. It will slowly descend into the monstrous abyss, carrying our souls along with it.

Have you no further revelation? Perhaps we have all been abandoned, since we already served our purpose as tools in your judgment of the Prime Parent. You now leave us to meet our fates with chaos. Yet… your light still shines within night and day, as if you left us your final legacy to carve out our own destiny. Perhaps one day we shall forge our own paradise. Raise our kingdoms into the skies and forever leave behind the struggles of our mortal lives.

- Founding of The High Order

After the death of the Prime Parent; humanity came to be, with no true ruler. Many of the old gods(Archons) live on, lurking in the farthest recesses of the planet. The High Order served as the ultimate authority for a millenia after the fall of the gods in what was known as the Endless Reign. The planet continued to crumble in the abscence of the Demiurge, there was no longer an authority over matter in the physical realm. Outside the continent of Aris; the seas roared, storms raged violently, horrors began spawning from the abyss. Despite the seemingly unstable state of the planet, the kingdoms within Aris prospered under the protection of the High Order. It established a council, composed of Kings and influential Archmages. To enforce their rule the council established two enforcers whom they called the archangels: titled the sun and moon respectively. Both were given great power, and one was to always watch over and balance the other. Chaos was kept at bay by the Archangels and the military of The High Order for all of history. Eventually, The High Order became arbitrary to the kingdoms that lay below its rule. The only ones to know anything of The High Order were those who were appart of it. The High Order continued to recruit and enforce in secrecy, enforcing law and acting against threats whenever something arose to upset the ‘order’.

Now, for the first time in a millenia, the High Order has mysteriously ceased to operate. The event now known as ’The Collapse" is remembered as the day where the moon blocked out the sun, darkness consumed the land, and the order was seized.

Life goes on, 23 years later nothing is discovered of the mysterious ‘collapse’. The abyssal spawns that were once dealt with by the High Order have now become a considerable threat to the civilizations that relied on it for protection. Old enemies of the High Order have risen to power and threaten to ‘liberate’ Aris from all traces of the Order. The remaining kingdoms of Aris banded together to form the Aris Imperium, in order to better protect themselves against the foreseeably grim future that awaits them.

The Vahlse Chronicles

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